Three Hundred

I never know if I’m supposed to mention these benchmarks or not. But, as I haven’t had a lot to be happy about these last few weeks, I figure it can’t hurt to express thanks for all your support, especially as I work to get out of this health battle I’m currently in.

300 readers today. Not really doing anything to garner followers, just letting nature take its course. Still not sure what to do with all this, except express my gratitude for being something I will probably always struggle to feel worthy of.

And thank you for being there, friends. And despite being online and far away (most of you), I do feel kinship here that I can’t find anywhere else…  For that, I am also eternally grateful.

Thank you for embracing me and my words. I am continually in awe of all of yours. I hope to catch up more when I’m feeling better. Meanwhile…I try to get a poem or two out when I can, at the very least.

Write on.

Namaste, Em





23 thoughts on “Three Hundred

  1. Matters not where it goes your instincts and the words will carve a path. Its the writing that counts….the feelings that spill onto the paper. Joy in the writing and joy in the reading. I wish you well.

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      1. Thank you. The net is such a great opportunity to read work that wouldn’t otherwise be available and you are producing some really great pieces. If its cathartic as well even better! lol You will soon have enough to produce a chapbook!

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