Command ~ His Fantasy, part 2

I will arrive at your place,
by the door you will await
cracked for night air,
waiting draped on a chair
no words will be spoken,
you there, in robe of silk
over thigh crossed legs
buttery skin, slick to touch
sliding my hand from knee
to crotch, fingers dip in – damp hot,
other hand runs down your hair
tugging firmly, a longing glare
breathless you moan until lungs
empty, melting flesh on flesh…

I’ll carry you down to floor

…the bed is too far,

and slowly disrobe you, me
studying your lines, curvature,
with curious sculpting hands
my cock hardened by your fire
you breathe onto my heat
with licks of your tongue
delicate then strong
– until I rise for you, and in you…
I will plunge, pausing at height
desperate for more, shuddering delight

I’ll tease until that good kind of sore

where you can’t take anymore
when with a rub of your clit
that magic lantern touch
as you come to deliverance
with conviction, I will erupt

Just an appetizer, my dear.

…I know you want more
so open the bedroom door,
whatever your desire
we will make you go higher

Tell me your deepest fantasy…

your wish
is my


~ Emily Clapper



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