Moon Sand

You’ll find me
naked in the treehouse
humid night rising
with moon’s refraction
reminding me
sun waits…

ripe fruit falls
midnight thuds
forever forward
time turns
like day burns

but now is now
tomorrow can wait
for I’ll be
your maiden
counting craters,
drawing moon sand
initials with my eyes

— telescope aimed,
like my heart on you,


~ Emily Clapper



30 thoughts on “Moon Sand

      1. Thanks, A 🙏🏼😊 Only the last few days have I seen some modest improvement in the right direction. Not fully there yet, but seeing some hope finally. It’s been a tough month. Finally able to drive a little again. 💜

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      1. That’s good work is busy, I suppose! Better than not having business, huh. 😊I’m gradually crawling out of the worst of this, the last few days. Still not back to normal, and a ways to go to get fully functional, but seeing the light a bit at least. I’m able to drive a bit again, so that’s encouraging. Thanks! 😘

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      2. Oh I’m so happy to hear things are improving. Yes work is always better than no work.

        I could do without the heat though…it’s tough to already this morning.

        Best wishes for a great day, Beautiful! 💙😚

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      1. Well I’m sure if I put out a notice something can be arranged. Wait that sounds like I’m trying to pick up a hooker…never mind.

        A tree house hotel sounds very interesting. I wonder how much it is a night. I might add it to my itinerary 😄

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