Tired doesn’t describe it
exhausted, not quite
worn is more like it
torn, one could say
each day a new test
invisible to the world
beat by a year of storms
tattered by gale-force winds
shattered in shards on shore
nothing left to give myself
giving everything
to everyone else
when I’m the one
who needs me the most
divvied out in portions
what’s left when all is given
but meager scraps
on which to survive

when the daily fight
closes for night

I think I’m alive, but


~ Emily Clapper



14 thoughts on “Barely

  1. Take care of yourself Em. Don’t let people take all if you. If energy is difficult in the first place at times, you’ve just got to step away and chill. Treat yourself, even just sleep or relax at home, until you feel restored. It’s okay to say no. And other people don’t have to get it. Self-care first. 💕🙏🏻❤️

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  2. This reads so exhausted, the imagery is so slow and lethargic. You plod through each line feeling that broken pain of getting through the day.
    Very dark undertones in the tortured language, it’s a really deep and mournful piece.
    I like it alot but I’d like more for you to feel much much much better soon 💜

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