And Go

road calls

open window

wind blows

that sound

soothes me

blue skies sing

random destination

who needs a map

find out on arrival

spontaneous survival

freedom is being free

disconnect and be

just pack a bag

fill the tank

and go

~ Emily Clapper



18 thoughts on “And Go

    1. Thanks, Ben! And yes, some aspects of freedom can be subjective. I’m a big fan of hitting the road and you can probably guess what I’m about to do today. 😊


      1. Oh yeah…It’s amazing up there. Take the ferry from Anacortes. Some cute b’n’bs up there or for a little more, but totally worth it…stay at Rosario Resort. If you like camping Moran State Park is beautiful. And drive up to the top of Mt. Constitution for one of the best views in the state, 360 degrees over the islands, Bellingham, and Vancouver. Maybe I should have just emailed you. πŸ˜‰


  1. Was the layout choice intentional because if so it’s fantastic, to me it so very beautifully symbolises the window and everything rushing into you.
    Very wistfully written piece, it’s soothing in its desires to grasp that freedom and drive.

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    1. Sorry, thought I replied to this. Well, I just noticed the format…was not intentional, and was going to fix it, but I think you’re right…it works! Maybe it was subconsciously intentional. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, that’s it. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ❀

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      1. Oh well that’s an unintended piece of formatting brilliance πŸ˜„
        It really does work in a wonderful jarring way that makes you feel that immediate rush of wind. I really like it, as unintended choices go this one is great!

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