Beautiful nymph
enters forest, free
she dances regaled
in gauzy gown’s glee
peach legs glow
under sunbeams
her youth divine
golden locks flow
all laughter, play
chased by her beau

The love unending
he bestowed upon her
a stroke of the skin, hair
would make her purr
many the union
under rustling oak tree

naked in skin
naked in soul
naked in hopes
they let go

Time went on — he, too…
She waited alone
patience withdrew
desperate to see
his prominence once more
at some point
she stopped expecting
his arrival in store
yet ever hopeful
holding on too long
she dare not move
lest he come again

She found herself
hardening by the creek
rusted on the inside
by time gone by
her joints froze
right as they were
neglected in touch
love’s heat evaporated

until one day

just as the rocks
upon which she perched

…stone, she turned


~ Emily Clapper



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