I feel like I have a bunch of poetry stuck in my head that won’t come out. It seems that when I think about what is keeping it back, it all comes down to the word “spun.”  I’ve had that word as a potential seed for a poem for some time now and whenever I meditate on what to write next…my brain always repeats the word “spun.” And yet…I can’t seem to get something written around that word because for some reason I am resisting.  Normally, I don’t resist. I just flow.

And that, my friends, is when the poet tries to go against her nature, her nature rebels.

Let’s see if I can’t release that roadblock today. I have no idea where I’ll take it, or if it will result in a flood of poetry, but hey…not knowing is part of the suspense.

Got my chai, got my ironing board standing desk out on the porch…here goes.


10 thoughts on “Stuck!

  1. The spider’s in the rafters
    Have spun your fate
    Trapping the words
    Which you’d gladly relate
    Spiralling down
    They’d steal some more
    So pack up the ironing board
    And move indoors
    Close the windows
    Block those thieves
    Unspin their trap
    Set your words free

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