At Dawn

At dawn, she rises like the sun
burgeoning gold, horizon’s eye
steps her softened feet down
and proceeds to start her day
the night having given way

Garden needing tending
she turns on the hose
its wriggling with moisture
snaking round the rose
she grabbed it hard in hand

Aiming thorough drenching
wetness soaked the dryness
but one spot eluding her
turning gaze to fence line near
up eyes wander, yonder window

Him, there…in his private space
undressing his strong frame
behind undressed window frame
she startles at her staring
yet cannot will her eyes away

He proceeds to gently stir himself
drawing hardness up in hand
slowly tending to its height
one smooth slide by slide
she swallows in a gulp

Frozen like fallow tundra
her body will not move
unless you count the squirming
while she ponders him above
her spigot starts to drip

Throwing his head back, roars
as tension clearly mounts
she, wishing she could mount
his peak, its blushing steeple high
awaiting its white avalanche

And while she can see him
he doesn’t see her, there
hose in hand, she opens pants
and lets it down to explore
nature’s private shower fun

Moving now in heated groans
he stroked until he burst
exploding, shooting life forth
his skin evoking sweat drops
like dew upon morning’s bed

Her body responding in kind
unrestrained fervent release
she felt as if she were there
alongside him in bedroom free
to feel his length inside her

Between blinks of her eyes
he spies her below

beckons her up

she drops
the hose

~ Emily Clapper



A companion piece to At Dusk. After all, it’s only fair to flip the tables now and then. 🙂


33 thoughts on “At Dawn

      1. Surely will Em 😊👍 Sorry I’ve been away from WP for last two weeks, I have a lot to read especially all the posts by you! You’re going to be bombarded by notifications over the weekend from me and my comments 🙈 so an apology in advance! 😜

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      1. M! I just checked my WP spam folder and found several of your comments had ended up there and so I never saw them! I’m so sorry. Thank you for them all. I’ll try to find them in my posts and reply if I can. ❤

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