At Dusk

’Twas at dusk’s descent,
its nascent curtain down,
when sky did sink its rainbow,
crimson blanket soon gave way
inky velvet took orange then yellow,

Quiet house, her quiet kitchen
door and windows left ajar
in which naked she was splayed —
alone, restless, body on fire
skin overheated from summer’s day

No one to play with, but herself
her hands slid along her side
dreaming of a mystery lover
she stroked her wetness forth
let it drip down legs to floor

Yet early was the night, however
and she was not exactly alone
the crunch of gravel on the street
she heard, slowing down its beat,
did not stop her rhythmic zone

No toys tonight, just mind, hands
picking up the pace, she pants
three fingers deep she dips
that perfect spot, only she knows
her body so well — a little louder now,

He watches from a distance
the glow from window shows
her writhing form ascending
from chair in rolling throes
gaze fixed, he steps enchanted

Nearly peaking at her touch
she lingers, holding at the top
unwilling to relinquish yet
her swelling purple spot,
fantasies swirl in mind’s eye

Drawn magnetic to her sight
he gets as close as the night
as a firefly to light’s warmth
unable to turn away, blind
passionate beauty pulls him

Her moment nears, like his feet
approaching, she sees him sneak
part panic, part aroused
she can’t stop the momentum
her audience has arrived

And with it orgasmic ecstasy
voyeured to brand new heights
she lets herself go completely
unabashed in every way

and after lungs empty moans…

she says,



~ Emily Clapper



Enjoy the companion piece to this poem:  At Dawn


30 thoughts on “At Dusk

    1. Rita!! I’m so sorry, I just checked my spam folder for the first time (didn’t know how) and found several from you there! Stupid WP. I’d never ignore a comment from anyone, especially you. Thank you, so very much! ❤

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  1. Woah!!! Just a fantastic piece of erotic and scintillating poetry Em! 👏👏👏😉💕 This two part poem is just fabulous, would make for a fine movie too, I’m filming it in my head now so vividly you’ve described this! 😜

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