Rattling bars of this cage, haunted by my life’s mistakes

shaking till my hands are numb, screaming air out lungs

fighting for my freedom whole, nothing left until I’m folded

over in utter exhaustion, waiting for keys unlocking

let me out of here fast, or I’ll dig a hole to my death

right here in this place, this suffocating trap I chose

paths grown over with choking vines, telling of my time

trapped in monotony, black and white taking over color

reaching for the dangling keys, taunting me in lack of ease

it wasn’t until around I turned, saw what lie that I had spurned

my own keychain full of choice, all I needed was inner voice

to unlock myself from dungeon cell of heart sealed off in hell

now all that’s left is bravery deep, courage to myself release

my soul from torment self-imposed,

choose the light, the new, the bold

~ Emily Clapper




31 thoughts on “Rattle

  1. Love this. Sometimes we trap ourselves, by our past mistakes, the things we’ve done wrong, but that inner voice is so important in telling us life goes on and their is freedom from “the cage” we’ve built ourselves, if we allow ourselves to have it, if we allow ourselves to be humans who make mistakes.

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      1. Oh, absolutely, I did! And I’d like to invite you to my tomorrow’s piece where I’m going to be trying something new – risqué comic poetry. I fact, tonight your time. Do come across & give me your honest comments! 😊

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