Time’s A Changin’

Oh Life. Just keep pounding me, to see how much I can take. Got news today of 2 months to move out of current rental house due to illegal zoning, and the landlord’s appeal failed. Been here for 14 years. 14 years.  It’s a perfectly livable unit, absolutely nothing wrong, other than a matter of paperwork and semantics and fucking ridiculous city administration who have apparently lost their sense of rationality and compassion.

There are many reasons why this is stressful, but I’m not going to go into it.  Buying a house in Seattle in this market driven up by the 25K plus Amazon transplants is ridiculous.

It needs to happen, but the timing…my god the timing…

Trying to make this as positive an adventure as possible, but it doesn’t change the stress factor.  First step, find a new rental while looking for a house to buy.

I have a good friend who’s a realtor, she’s already looking for me.

Phew. Time to hang on to my hat and pray to the universe that there’s a break of good luck coming my way.  I believe I’ve gone through enough this year, I’ve earned it.


29 thoughts on “Time’s A Changin’

  1. That’s a lot to take in at once. wishing you the best of luck in your situation. seems like you are already going about it the right way and keeping a clear head. so that’s a plus and it is always good to have friends in a time like this. I have faith your situation will turn around for the better. Maybe this time a bigger house who knows.

    stay positive girly. i like your honesty.

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  2. Em, it’s all happening for a reason and that reason will come to you in time. Your writing is pure flow, so just continue to ride that wave and everything else will fall into place. Sending you big hugs from across the oceans.

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    1. Thanks, Mark. 🙂 I believe you are right. Everything happens because it’s supposed to happen. I will do my best to keep writing…it will be my therapy, I’m sure. Hugs back ❤

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    1. Thanks, Meg 🙂 I figure it’s the storm before the calm…I hope? 😉 It will be all for the best in the long run, it’s getting through it that sucks.


  3. Darling, Starshine. I’m believing this is a step to your greatest adventure yet – A BEAUTIFUL ONE. We’ll keep loving you through the bs one has to wade through on the way there. Love you ❤

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  4. Oh man! Like you needed one more thing, right? But you will work it because you’re a star! And maybe going through 14 years of memories when you sort stuff will be really fun! I’ll be thinking about you! You’ll find something awesome! ❤️❤️❤️

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