Packing to move
found a picture of us
tore it in two
not one tear shed

Into the trash
along with the trophy
you gave me on which
you wrote


Ha. Ain’t that
the fucking truth.

I sure as hell
persevered, through
years of your bullshit
lies, and abuse

Manipulative narc
twisted my life
from happy
to strife

Thought I’d found
heaven but instead
born screaming
lured to your hell

Lesson learned,

Oh, I’ve moved on.
Your new target
She’ll learn, too.

And there will be
a pile of
shredded pictures
at the dump
with your face
on them.


~ Emily Clapper




Ah, writing. Such good therapy. Especially while moving. Yes, there was an actual trophy with the word “perseverance” on it. Gone.

I suspect as I find old crap I’ve hung on to, I will be processing more.  So, while moving sucks…it sure is cathartic to purge and begin again, clean.


30 thoughts on ““Perseverance”

      1. Phew!! Yup! I could have written that myself! That’s everything I’ve learned through experience and researching narcissism and psychopathy during the end of my relationship with my narc. Thanks for alerting me! Once you’ve been a victim, you’ll be on alert always!

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      2. I’m sorry that you went through something like that but I think we are all grateful for the enlightenment that sharing brings. Thank you for being open like that. ❤

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  1. I remember similar feelings. Living with a narc can be very destabilising and “withdrawal symptoms” make you meet the exact same type until you are able to truly get over it. I hope you have reached that stage. Kudos to you. I know from experience it is not easy getting over it.

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  2. Therapeutic poetry is great. Also, I think you yourself persevere past this old relationship, getting rid of his stuff. It really helps actually, I didn’t realize how much until I started putting my ex’s old gifts in the donation bag. Best of luck moving Em.

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