Ritualistic ~ A Duet

With sacred blade in hand
They begin the ritual
She lays down atop quilted alter
Hands bound, legs spread
Words, profound, spoken
The incantation, a profession of love
Echoes through the sanctum
A plea made, not of mercy
But one to take all he desires
Her heart thumps in anticipation
As he looms over her
Her chastity has seen it’s final day
Her innocence soon to be lost

He chants whispers enchanted
Watches her writhing in her skin
Soon-to-be devoured in phases
Like the moon that shines
Into blackness divine, a silver light
Illuminating her imminent sin
His face, hidden behind a mask
Glances at her with savoring smacks
Where would he start, choices choices
With instinct calling him, her thigh
He licks with his devilish tongue
She squirms like a pinned butterfly
Her night has only just begun

~ Matt Stark and Emily Clapper


Always fun to collaborate with Matt from Standard Issued Life! Do check out his page for more of his awesome work. Β Thanks for letting me tag along, Matt!


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