White Wall

White wall weeps

memories’ keeper

surrendering lives

one frame at a time

down, dusted, boxed

past petrified

all but forgotten

awaiting new nails

hammer, wall

caught now between

here and there and

perhaps never


~ Emily Clapper



3 thoughts on “White Wall

  1. A really moving piece, Em. Definitely captured the uncertainty of a move. I’ve been there before, where I knew I was moving but had no place to actually move to. It settled though, after awhile. Hopefully your frames find a home once more.


  2. When when walls appear ir just means that new ones are waiting. It’s not fun to take everything down but sometimes I feel walls can become complacent in their maintenance and adornments. New home new walls new displays. Once you’re settled it’ll look so much better.

    This is a lovely little poem and really taps into that angst. I feel for the loss your experiencing in a home but you must be brave! Really lovely poem!

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