Our Moon

The sun doth rise
‘neath dawn’s emerging skies
o’er you on the planet’s flip side
whilst your moon doth set
and my moon doth rise
‘neath the starry skies
on my flip side

Just as you inhale, I exhale
your eyes blink as mine, in sync
atop earth’s molten core
just as you soar, I soar
heading the same direction
chasing each other ‘round
just as you exhale, I inhale

We may never
catch each other
unless one of us
turns around…

and then our moon will rise
‘neath the starry skies
o’er our blinking eyes
our moon will rise

our moon will rise
our moon

until our sun doth rise
our sun will rise

our sun will rise
our sun

until our breath

is one



~ Emily Clapper



I dreamt a poem in my sleep last night…an entire one, quiet vividly. However, just as I was waking up, I could only grasp the lines “and the moon doth rise, ‘neath starry skies.”  Not sure if my conscious brain did dream brain justice here…but I’ll let them fight it out when I go to sleep tonight.  Oh, the brain. Such an interesting machine.


27 thoughts on “Our Moon

  1. Ahaha it truly is a marvellous machine. You’re lucky to remember a line I barely wake with more than a concept after a creatively inspired dream. Regardless it’s a gorgeous poem, very soft and playful. It has a sort of dreamy vibe to it which if unintentional is a perfect example of the brain being it’s rather magical self. 🌜❤🌛

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    1. Thank you, Cameron! 🙏🏼😊 I rarely have concrete intentions with my poetry…they mostly tend to write themselves, once I have a word or general topic. Often I’m surprised myself even! ✨🌙

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      1. I’m very much the same. Usually it’s just the first line that spawns into madness. I think that’s the beauty in poetry and gives the rawest of emotions. A story takes planning and has an objective poetry has a natural flow that’s meant to go everywhere.

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    1. Thank you, Cake 🙏🏼💜 And yes, it can be… A fair amount of my poetry comes on the cusp of sleep or waking, but only a couple have come straight from a dream and this is one. ✨🌙


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