Three Plus Three ~ A Trio

The boys catch their breath, throw their fish in the cooler
Lunch will wait, there are three needy girls to sate,
By the looks on their faces, it can’t come too soon
Wet and smiling, girls grip clinging clothes and pull
They’ve had their fun outside but never had their fill
Sharing a heated look, mouths meet, warm and sweet
Shivering turns to quivers of bliss as fingers explore
Throbbing hearts and body parts meld with eager tongues
As girls, in a line, drop to knees, feed on pleasure
Drinking highs and milking sighs, this they treasure

Despite the weather best friends remain joined together
Nothing lasts forever, yet these moments do suspend
Time in a whirlwind where there’s no beginning or end
Heated stares, a double dare in loves passionate affair
Two men take their places, manning their solo station
Thunderous thrusting against her formidable cloud
Waiting to burst and rain down in waves of foaming elation
On her knees he hits the spot, repeatedly from behind
With another nestled between her open, dripping thighs 
Sightseeing and licking them both greedily with hungry eyes

In the upper bunk, the third gets his turn, two at his feet
Tongues taking turns licking him like an ice cream treat
Sighing as he eyes the sky, sweat drips from his chest
Heating up like summer storm tempest, heavenly humidity
One girl takes the lead, stands his manhood up with speed
She mounts him, girl on top rides him higher, thigh on thigh
The other hovers delicately over his mouth, his lapping up
Her juice, sweet like the summer nectar, salty like the tide
Rocking her horse until she comes, right as he reaches peak
His rider squeezes her swollen walls tighter, she screams

Now time for them all to come together-three boys and three girls
Naked skin slicked with sweat and sin while licking tongues swirl
A seething knot of heaving chests, groping hands, warm demands
Immersed in soothing hot springs, bubbling and touching wetlands
One wet girl for each wanton man, passing time as only lovers can
In openly sharing their ecstasies while buried deep in sweet intimacy

Rocking till the tires shake, observers would see an earthquake
Where throbbing skin meets skin, hard to tell where each begins
Roaming hands slip onto a nipple, a cock, a clit…oh delicious sin!
Until three plus three, in climactic unison,



~ VictoryInTrouble, Wet Bliss, and Poet Girl Em




As promised, we three wet birds bring you the next installment in our nature adventure. If you haven’t read We Three Wet Birds, please do treat yourself to the first part of the story.

I’m so tickled to be able to work with these two amazing ladies again. They are each rockstars in their own right and you would be well-rewarded by checking out their work! They will get your juices flowing to say the least. 🙂

Much love to them for playing with me. Thanks, girls ❤

(Audio reading by Emily Clapper)



38 thoughts on “Three Plus Three ~ A Trio

    1. Another comment that went to spam. WP strikes again. Sorry, S! Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m so glad you enjoyed this! These two ladies are fun to work with. I imagine we’ll do more. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I think I’m one of many that’s waited for this sequel. I loved this.
    I however shall never learn not to read explicit posts while in public. Worst is I listen to the recording. Worser still I’m at a bar having a drink. Great job to all three of you, you’re all amazing and I’ve missed this wonderful eroticism.
    Now is there a part three….not to force it but I like the symmetry of three. It doesn’t need of but how fitting would it be if there was a third piece of conclusion. Maybe something nostalgic as the three birds explore the exited aftermath over the years, three couples bound in something naughty and special. Just a thought….probably beer inspired. Ahaha!!!!


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