Strong, intelligent
giving again
unreserved, you share with me

Your knowledge is yours
yet it is mine.
You want it that way
but you do not know it.
Naturally, generously,

Quietly, you accept praise,
bashful, you are flattered
modestly, you are astonished
that, without being aware,

You have transformed me.

~Emily Clapper

Date: sometime back in the late ’90s?

*Author’s note:  So, I found this poem, handwritten, amongst papers I have been cleaning out for the move.  It was written on a page with a few other poems I believe I wrote sometime in my early twenties (Read: half my life ago).  I don’t know what or whom was the subject of this.  And I kind of enjoy that mystery.

I thought I had found all of my poems from the past, there were probably only a couple dozen I had written in my whole life, before I started here in February…before the explosion of poetry. 🙂

Guess not!



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