Rain ~ 6 words

It’s as if the rain knows.


~ Emily Clapper


*Going through some stuff, may take hiatus.

But at least it seems like the rental house is a go, waiting to confirm tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Rain ~ 6 words

      1. I don’t know…I know Meg Sorick just posted about having the same issue. Sounds like she contacted Askimet, who have yet to respond? I don’t know how that works exactly. I know there is a way to set your spam screening to certain levels. If you go to your admin page, and select “Settings” and then within settings select “discussion”, on that page part way down it says “Askimet Anti-spam Strictness.” There is “strict” where it silently deletes whatever it thinks is spam, or there’s “safe” where it puts whatever it thinks is spam into your spam folder for review. Try switching to “Safe” and see what happens? I just switched mine actually, too. Let me know…and I can try a comment again and see if it shows up in your spam box.


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