Mourning Moonset

Morning’s mourning moonset
settled perched like heaven’s mobile
dangling just above the mountains
fogged by marine blankets, tucked in

It drew me there, to the sea in grief
where I’ve been many times before
my heart pulled by lunar gravity
called as by a siren, lured in lore

drawing me home to be
where my soul could breathe
in the salty spray,

my tonic, my reprieve

the only place
I find

~ E



**Author’s note:  The moonset this morning from Carkeek Beach in Seattle, my happy place.  This place draws me in, compelled.  I saw the moon setting over the sea, and I had no choice but to go. Look carefully, the moon is there, almost dead center – it was much more vivid and large in person, of course. There are big mountains behind that fog…


20 thoughts on “Mourning Moonset

      1. My friend of 30 years just moved to this coast so maybe I should go with her. She’s more south so it will be warmer…OOh! I totally should! 😀

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