If I Never

If I never see you

here before my eyes
I will always have your words
they will live inside my bones

They will warm me
from the inside out
the marrow of me

If I never feel you

here within my arms
I will always have your love
that transcends physical touch

For no brush of skin
can draw from within
the stirring of my soul
as your kind of love does

If I never kiss you

here with breathlessness
I will always gasp for air
at the image in my mind

For nearly equally potent,
that effect on body distant
which knows no difference
whether here or far away

If I never hear your voice

here in this living realm
I can sense your being
speaking in refrain

For it’s too late to undo
the impact tattooed

on my spirit

of you

~ E



14 thoughts on “If I Never

  1. ” the Impact tattooed on my spirit” very much the poem before thus line describes his affect on her well, very well written. I like the word “tattooed” because it means this affect is permanent. Lovely write as always Em.


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