Something Ruby Rumbles

Beneath the brambles
the thorns and spikes
something ruby rumbles

leaking viscous blood
dripping years of pain
shredded bits aflood

wound round with vines
obscured opaque darkness
signs of traumatic times

never nurtured into light
scarred by senseless neglect
beating, days turn into night

but…beating still

timid, shying away from bright
love stings on tender flesh
afraid to shed chained plight

hidden heart in dark
but there you are, a rumbling ruby…
waiting for warmth of spark

for gentle hand to untangle
to clip away years’ decay
unwind strangling brambles

to rub salve on open wounds
…not to promise it’s all okay,
but to say there’s someone there

regardless, night or day

~ E



34 thoughts on “Something Ruby Rumbles

    1. Aw, wow…thank you, Eric. I don’t know what to say. This one is definitely on the personal side and so it’s written with my heart’s love…there’s deep compassion as I write with those painful words. 🙏🏼❤️

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    2. I only got your goodnight via email notification…WP didn’t send me an alert nor will it let me reply on this post to it. Strange! Anyway…a double goodnight to you! I hope your 4th is amazing, as I’m sure it will be in that part of the country! ❤

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  1. Having that person their is so important. I liked your description of this ruby or Rose caught in brambles and thorns, causing someone trying to help to bleed. But this is a true friend who isn’t afraid of that, he/she keeps going until the ruby is free and gleams because they have someone to keep the darkness and brambles away. Beautiful,

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      1. Kind of you 🙂 Yes…a lot of us are damaged in ways, and what a feeling when someone takes the time and care to tend gently to our wounds with unconditional and honest love.

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