My Ocean

You drew my pink breast to your mouth
My back, arched, autonomic response
As your lunar hand moved south
I swelled like the salty tide on shore
My stroke drew your compass north
With purpose and clear resolve
Calling you into my parting seas
Your oar slid under me

You entered
my passage

Pausing on the in,
on the out
on the in…
on the out

While a press to the mouth
Pinned me north to south
Mapped and charted, I am

Unable to breathe
My ocean yours
to explore

Find my x-marks-the-spot

and you’ll have
your reward

~ E


36 thoughts on “My Ocean

      1. As far as I know they are still searching for the shooter. They have clear pics of him on surveillance so hopefully someone recognizes him. Who knows where he fled, it was right by the freeway. He could have gone and hid down here in Seattle or maybe tried to cross the Canadian border…

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      1. Yes – South Africa (Cape Town). And it’s a pleasure – there’s so much depth and honesty to what you write it’s just a joy to read it and listen to it. Ok maybe “joy” isn’t the only emotion it inspires but it’s one of them 😉

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      2. I have a couple friends who’ve originated from Cape Town. I hear it’s beautiful. Someday I hope to see for myself. I’m in Seattle. And I’m so touched to hear my words have any affect. And all emotions are welcome 😊

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      3. It’s a wonderful city – I’ve been here for about six years now. I’ve been in South Africa for ten in total – was born and raised in Wales so Africa is an endless adventure for me. I hope you visit one day – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (and now you have one more “local” to say hello to in times of travel-need!). I’ve been to quite a few places in the States but never Seattle – another place I’d like to visit. Your words deserve to be heard by a wide audience – it’s very difficult to read your work and feel unmoved in some way 🙂

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      4. I will be sure to let you know should I end up there someday, and vice versa should you make it here. It’s a beautiful place! And thanks you so much. I’m all warm and squishy now. It’s a writer’s wish that something strikes their audience in some way. I just try to write authentically from the heart and stay true to myself. An ever evolving process 😊

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      5. It’s a deal! Keep doing what you are doing – however it evolves from here your authenticity and honesty are what makes your writing powerful. And warm and squishy is a great way to feel on a Sunday so I’m glad 🙂

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      6. Enjoy your overdue lunch! And will dig around for sure – I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff that I will enjoy 😉 You are always welcome to poke around in the archives on my site too 🙂

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