I sit here, disembodied
before the crackling
red hot embers
of my dying heart
warm my pale hands
on my glowing soul’s
last dance, watch it flicker,
lick the air in fatal flow

Faint, it beats rarely now
sustained by weakest pulse
leaking life eaten by fickle fire
of attempted affections

Burned beyond recognition
failed flames of passion
throwing pages of my past
to be consumed to ash

Too much love,
they say.

Too much love.

If I do not love,

I do not exist.

My heart
knows this.

So, imminent
its immolation.

~ E



20 thoughts on “Immolation

      1. Pretty crazy sideways rain and big gusts today, but it’s going to be way worse tomorrow between 4-10pm they say. “Historic” storm they are predicting. I’m as ready as I can be, I think! Aside from leaving town which I think would be a bad idea. 💜

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