Meteor Kisses

Late one night in a field out of sight
she reclined under universe
the heaven’s delight

She stripped off her dress
her slip, her stockings
bared her all, her naked duress

Back to grass, gaze to sky
her heart pounded pure
her soul sung through her eyes

Black firmament fluttered
the charcoal clouds cleared
out came stars, casually scattered

Like glitter tossed on Earth’s glue
hung there, shining in perpetuity
stuck forever, she knew what to do

She made a wish, a wish for a kiss
this last night, her ‘one more time’
the meteors heard, dashed to assist

Flew through the sky, bullets of light
their reflection in her dazed eyes
that shed subtle tears, sadly afright

For she could only imagine,
as she succumbed to their pelting

that those meteors were kisses 

kisses from him


~ E



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