On Poetry

A dance of words
a tug o’ war

It is the mind’s music
its glory
its grief
the stories
told internally externally

It is the voice of dreams
of desires
deaths and demons
the love making of psyches
across distances far

It shines light on pain
it turns off light on shame
reveals, steals our hearts
one in the same
we need it, we fear it

we keep some to ourselves

It is our secrets told
the plain, the bold
we pretend we can resist
ignore it, yet
it will persist

Until letters form passion
expression, forms lessons
marked in the ether
by quills of a feather

found in our souls
bound for eyes


~ E




With all that I’ve been dealing with lately, I have hardly been 100% at keeping up with my own writing, and so I’ve been behind on the latest open topic poem requests.  But, it will be good for me to work on these for many reasons. And so here is Peter’s request for the topic: “Poetry”.   Thank you, Peter!

Hope you like it.


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