Careful whom you judge

for there are mirrors in this room




16 thoughts on “Mirrors

      1. That’s sad to hear. The latest here is that the Green Party candidate Jill Stein has grassroots funded the $2.5 million needed to get recounts in three key swing states where computer scientists have reported strange discrepancies in the data. We shall see what that produces! Plus, there’s always the faint hope that the Electoral College rebels and changes their Trump votes when they vote on 12/19. Crazy American democracy.

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      2. Hmmm strange times…I have thought an ill wind has been blowing since 2008…a crisis of late stage capitalism and I do think the left (or what pretends to be the left)is partially to blame. But I’m just a grumpy anarchist/occultist so there is no pleasing me.

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      3. Well the whole similarities with Weimar are a wee bit worrying, i know there are major differences as well but I remember the quote by hegel and completed by Marz…History repeats itself…first as a tragedy then as a farce.

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