That Moon Song



That Moon Song ~ Gregory Alan Isakov

The tail lights burn red
They were hotter than hell
And I’ve been long gone couldn’t you tell

The smoke in the air
Couldn’t hide my shame
Saw it lit up on that silver screen
And ah that full bellied moon she’s a shinin’ on me
Yeah she pulls on this heart like she pulls on the sea

And you came on strong like some running wave

And your beauty left me broke and hungry
Left me begging to the birds for a bone or an offering
Left me saying nothin’, nothin’, like I always say

And ahh that full bellied moon she’s a shinin’ on me
Yeah she pulls on this heart like she pulls on the sea
And those broken hearted lovers
They got nothing on me

13 thoughts on “That Moon Song

    1. Thank you, Finnegan. 🙂 I’m never sure if people will listen, but I can always count on you. And the fabric is decorative but can dampen the harshness a little, too. I got it in Hawaii while I was there for my yoga intensive, so it also has some memory attached to it…just like the harmonium.

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      1. Live music is the best. Reminds me of the old days back in college. We wouldn’t have enough dough to go to the clubs, so we’d all head off to the plasma center to get $10 apiece. Pool the money, run to the supermarket, and make a good feast. Lasagna, Italian sausage, a couple jugs of wine. There would always be some dude with a guitar, and we’d sit up on the roof and sing along under the stars. OK, under the glow of the blast furnaces. But you get the picture.

        Good times. Scratch that, GREAT times.

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      2. That sounds like a great time to me! People just don’t get together like that much anymore. I’ve been hoping to change that with my harmonium, once I’ve recovered from this year. I have a percussionist friend who needs to come over and pitch in. 🙂

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      3. Too much texting and technology today. It’s taken half the fun out of everything. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had are in Emergency Room waiting rooms and in courthouses. Much less on trains or sitting on park benches. Now it’s all silence, taken over by those smart phones. I must be getting old, grumping about the way things are today.

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      4. Pshaw…you could be my daughter, Em! But thank you anyways. It just bugs me that no one drops by for coffee these days, much less a game of cards and the odd cigar. We’ve become a nation of parallel hermits. Living our lives together online only. Which reminds me, I got a lady friend to attend to. Get her off her phone and into something more comfortable. Peace out.

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