First Time

A sweet kiss, a roaming hand
the sun near setting on the grandstand
warm night under late summer stars
this season’s love ripening fast

Like color changing fruit, in spirit
she blushes, as the fall of her youth
approaches in the rise of her pulse
the flush of her skin, hips widening

His height inching upward to sky
cerulean mixed with sinking rose
the horizon of his youth shrinks,
in her eyes…the opening future

With phones off, curfew ignored
the only thing now is now
an embrace all-consuming
as today becomes tomorrow

a first time, a blissful last

but they don’t know that
as they enter
the past

~ E



Thank you to Rita for the topic request: “Coming of Age”  I have a few ideas for this topic but this was the first one that materialized.

There may be two more parts…stay tuned. 🙂


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