Fortune Tellers

the howling wind
is my soundtrack.

the muddy earth,
my dance floor.

the creak of the limbs,
my clock.

the tap dance of the leaves,
my spine’s xylophone.

the whitecap waves,
my heartbeat.

the cawing crows,
my fortune-tellers.

~ E



16 thoughts on “Fortune Tellers

    1. Thank you, Vic 🙏🏼 We are supposed to get snow next week it sounds like. I’m a fan, but not everyone here is because we have so many hills it shuts the city down. 😊


      1. How often do you get snow? I’m not sure when we’ll get our first snowfall. Im a fan of the first one- while it looks pretty. Then it gets gross and annoying, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We get a good dumping every other year on average…usually it only lasts no more than a couple weeks in the city. It’s. It quite the same as the Midwest or Northeast where it hangs around for months sometimes.


    1. Place is good, slow to organize, but starting to feel homelike. 😊 And I always think hibernating feels best when you’ve been out first relishing the elements. 😉 Cold cheeks, warm fire. Thanks, M!

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