Chain me to the wall
your private dungeon of hell
strip me to my bruised skin
make me stare at you again
go ahead, do your worst
shame you don’t know me at all
nor what I’ve been through before
I’ve already endured evil
you can only imagine in nightmares

And you aren’t half as bad
so interrogate me, dig deep
threaten me with your fear
bring out your worst torture
dare me to hate you
vilify me for nothing
make me your enemy
so you have someone to hate

You can throw buckets of ice water
straight into my ragged face
and spit on me just for fun
you can make me bleed
with your slicing blades
you can induce curdling screams
you can knock me unconscious
bring me gift-wrapped to Death’s door

But you will never make me speak
anything but my truth
I will eye my accuser
I will face them down
I will not be broken
I will stand firm


on the side
of love


~ E



41 thoughts on “Unbreakable

    1. Thank you! I’m not one to run in the face of conflict…I’ll fight to the end if wrongly accused. I’ll also fight for anyone else who needs it. Always have, always will.

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  1. This is stunning, so powerful so defiant! Always fighting never wavering it’s a gorgeously written piece of inspiration. It reinvigorates the defiance in us all now to accept the tortures that they can’t win. Truly wonderful!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Cameron. I’m feisty when put in a corner or wrongly accused, and I’ll fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. I’m the one you want on your side. 🙏🏼😘💜

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  2. Wonderful poem Em! True strength lies in our ability to fight for what we believe is right no matter the consequences. This poem is a reflection of your inner strength and I applaud that 👏👏👏 It is a rare quality these days! 😊💕👍

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  3. Forceful and powerful words. It’s as if he doesn’t want her to love him and will do everything he can to stop her love, even though he knows he loves her. He’s running, hurting her so he doesn’t need to accept the truth. It reminds me of an old Dido song. About there not being no “white flag upon her door,” and that she won’t put “her hands up in surrender.” Your poem is simply more potent though.

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