Ice Song

Ice song lures her along
water’s beckoning edge
already numbed to life
she trips on her own tongue
lands in profound silence

muddied and broken
crawling in penitence
humbly kissing
universe’s feet
renouncing certainty
accepting defeat

while a wave
brushes the ice shore
surface cracks revealing
black — as winter sky —
water beneath, dark relief
from all that above grieves

pinging, that diamond crust
creaking, that deceptive glass


breath freezes

~ E




41 thoughts on “Ice Song

      1. I know what you mean, some years just can’t go fast enough. If you need help trying you know where I am. I can’t solve things but I’m a friend who will certainly say the wrong thing. A cold walk helps… But that face is a beautiful one! 😃

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      1. My pleasure, Emily. 💜 Thank you! Oh…no need to apologize! Me too.

        You will be again. (You still are, it may just be behind some layers at the moment). Reach out any time, Emily. I’m always happy to talk and share some dark humor. Lighthearted, too. Just ask Rita, I’m a goofball. Lol. We could all have a pow wow. Coffee, texts or something, fun conversation, or not so fun. I love it all.

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      1. Yeah, I’d call it a reddish honey copper blonde (with some creeping gray). The bangs are fading out of my rainbow color. Trying to decide if I’ll do another color or not… 🙂

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      2. Could be fun! I feel like my hair jumped up in redness this week and I don’t know why. I started using a new product but I don’t know why it would do that. Now I actually feel like I have red hair, lol.

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  1. You’ve captured something beautifully dark in the solitary isolation of meandering in the cold.

    I havnt ventured near water lately mostly cause the sea is probably the closest body to me and I fear losing my hat to it. I imagine if I were to be out walking this would resonate even more powerfully. It’s a really great piece!

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