He lies in self-confinement,
dark’s blanket
consumes eyes’ light
as days roll in to silent nights
his mind seditiously speaks
loud enough that ignorance
only turns up the volume, so
verbalizing vanquishes fear
(even if no one is near to hear)
enveloped by nothingness
opaque atmosphere caresses
willing to take him without a fight
without which it’s almost too easy
without which its power increases

weakened by time he heaves
sighing spark-sputtering breath
the nothing senses ignition
now it’s time to relinquish
to release its grip
to let a little light in, a crack
he stirs at photons’ mirth
tickling his parted lips
he moistens with a lick
the taste of day beckons
with a golden finger
running down his cheek
catching a teardrop

…he stands up.



**Tagged by a friend on Instagram for the topic “depression is a capricious lover.” So here’s my take.


22 thoughts on “Up

      1. First, neither of you are dumb by any measure! And second, I’m glad anything I write is capable of stirring discussion and introspection. No greater compliment. Thanks, friends! 🙏🏼😊💜

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