time rewound.
stars recalled light,
until sky resembled
all that never existed.

big crunch ballistic.

all words written,

there would be no
i love yous,
to apologize for, no
dreams to die
hearts that break


no smiles or laughs
or passionate sex
no reasons to fight
or stay up at night
with them
on your mind

nothing to risk
to fear
to lose
to love

a self-consuming
black hole
the toll to pay
for wishing
it all away




11 thoughts on “Rewound

  1. Such a sad piece, but a tough truth. “I guess something’s just don’t mix like you hope / Like me and you / And diamond rings and old barstools,” made me think if these lines from the Tim McGraw song “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools — you of course are the diamond.


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