the holidays can be merry or mean
triggering joy, pain,
memories fair or disdained

some without family, or far from home
missing loves, loved ones
a smile feels forced, a hug may just hurt

some with family surrounded by hearts
welcomed in warmth, healing health by the hearth,
what we all wish for all whom we cherish

yet life does not stop, even on Christmas
goodness may flow and pain may still grow
and when the tree is down, let it not be forgotten…

universal is our struggle, that nothing is always
silver bells and sleigh rides, but still,
to appreciate what little or what great we have

knowing that tomorrow comes, another year ahead
time marches forth, irrespective of our dreams
uncaring of our plans, hopes, and goals

we may just survive or we may just thrive
holding our hearts back, or opening wide

there is a reason for it all
and for all there is a season

~ EC


*Keeping it real on the holidays. I wish you all the best wherever you are in life, that if you are struggling, lost, in pain, that the path clears and that in time your sun will not only shine, but nourish your rebirth.

If you are doing well, may your holidays and year ahead continue to open up opportunity and love.  And a wish that we all keep our hearts open in compassion to one another…most importantly, to ourselves first and foremost.

With the changes coming ahead for our country, we need each other more than ever.

Cheers ❤


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