The Giver

when the giver has given all she can

and the takers have taken all they can

when she can’t seem to rise to stand

and the days never end, no relief at hand

when she learns to say no, and not sorry

and finally listens to her own needs for once

when she stands up for her right to peace

and fights back the pull of others’ grasp

when in order to heal she has to repeal

and pay close attention to body/soul signals

when things aren’t right in her sight

and only she can fix herself in time

when coming to see that the only way to be

and realizing that for her to be there, always free

when she wants nothing more than to take care

and seeing she is too weak to herself be fair

when she looks around at who says, okay,

and grants her the time and space away

when it’s then she knows whose compassion is true

and would only demand of her that self-love is due

~ EC



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