Cold Sun Rises

cold sun rises, low on horizon
blue skies pale, dotted white
flocked frozen cloud ice
freeze is coming, bones sense
time-stopping numbing
nothing moves soon
not even breath in the air


cold sun rises, faint yellow
ah, to touch it with my
mittened hand, melt it
with my fire, ‘twould kill
all the frosty things…
so spare them, I will.

coming to life, with heat’s death
a hidden world revealed
earth will creep to a crawl,
stop turning
intricate crystals creating art
on a pine needle
a windshield
a spiderweb

cold sun rises,

barely up
‘fore down.

~ EC



10 thoughts on “Cold Sun Rises

    1. Thank you, Meg! Appreciate that. Yes, I don’t mind so much myself…in fact, about to go for my morning hike. It’s beautiful. They are predicting a vicious cold snap here this coming week. Grateful for my fireplace. 🔥❄️

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      1. I knew what you meant. Hehe! Of course…vicious is relative. Teens and twenties as our highs is pretty cold for our part of the country. I know that it’s colder for others!

        Liked by 1 person

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