Challenged on Instagram to write a poem using a caption I’d used for any of my other posts. I don’t caption mine much so it was tricky, but I made it happen using the first line and building.

Always enjoy a challenge. Good for the brain. And a good distraction.



shouldn’t have to beg for a hug
shouldn’t have to plead
shouldn’t need to be on the floor
crying on my knees

cold indifference radiates
like radioactive green
entire cerebral cortex
yours is clearly lacking

what’s the point of us then
if we turns into one?
what’s the point of promises
when vacant is the love?


~ EC



Mountains behind gray,
I know you are there,
I feel your weight
in my heart stripped bare.

I sense your peace
roaring passionate
– feel it echoing, feel it deep,
across ocean it resonates.

Mountains dusted white,
each morning on my way,
you see me put up a fight
for a smile to rise today.

Steady stance, looming
through time indefinite,
strength, courage ricocheting
back to my own sore spirit.

Mountains above gloom,
shaken by man’s failure,
yet anchored forever firm
— I look to you for comfort.

Teach me how to root myself
unwavering in my hope,

lend me a rocky precipice,
my future’s light, to scope.

~ EC


Fantasy ~ The Strix

Considering where my mind is, you won’t be surprised where my poem is for this installment from The Strix.



Throughout history, art has been a way to express feelings, concerns, opinions. Nowadays, art is still used for that purpose. Art is also a way to reach out to, and, maybe even more important, to connect people.
With a hidden world-war becoming a visible and very real one, art is needed again. Read our art, listen to the messages, take it in.
Reach out, connect.

The Strix

Expression Crossing Continents


Freedom should not be a fantasy

For all it should be a right

And where others have it,

Theirs hands must extend the fight

To bring in the lost and starving

From lands that deny them peace

To hold them in warm comfort

Immigrants, and wayward refugees

As when one loses human rights

All humans lose their liberty

Freedom should not be a fantasy

Denying it is evil’s egocentric vanity

So stand up tall and reject this hate

Speak for those who are targeted

Don’t relax and accept our fate

For their fate and ours

are connected

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


~ AlpeJohn


Escape into Fantasy
Only option left
to create a peaceful reality?

~ Patty W.
~ from Mimosa Pudica


A dark ink blue of the sky faded into a beautiful dawn.
A bright morning blushed and glowed warm,
The echoing silence gave in to the sweet songs of morning,
The rains that were making love with sorrow,
Gave the rainbow clad sky, a newborn charm.

All the fantasies defeated the nightmares,
The day shone gold as dreams came true,
All the life filled back into the world
As the sky turned the palest blue,
and the clouds were painted silver.

My fantasy, a place, a happy place in the dark, cold world. A dream that shall come true if
we all think bright and positive and happy. A fantasy of every human being,
to make the earth, our paradise,

if only we take the efforts to be happy!

Kashaf S.



Expressions Crossing Continents Expression Crossing Continents



Topic by Kashaf
Featured Image by Sarah
Logo by AlpeJohn

Up to Us

“When power leads men towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations.

When power narrows the areas of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence.

When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

For art establishes the basic human truth which must serve as the touchstone of our judgment.”

~ John F. Kennedy

Please read the rest of this incredibly timely and poignant article from Brain Pickings. It showed up in my FB feed today and blew me away. Here we are…the poets. Let’s do this thing…


Finally, the tears have come. What a long day of being glued to social media following the breaking news. As a Democrat and a patriot, a Political Science major, a woman, an intellectual, a fighter, and much more, my heart has ached as I’ve watched a malignant narcissist attempt to destroy the country every day from day one.

He cannot and will not succeed.  This “man” must be impeached.

Thank whatever god or universe you believe in, a Federal Judge in NY has issued an emergency stay on the completely unconstitutional, discriminatory, illegal, un-Christian, and un-American ban on Muslim people, some refugees and immigrants, some with green cards and visas.

It was watching videos of detainees being released into airport arrival areas and welcomed with cheers and hugs from protestors that opened my flood gates. Just imagine if that were you or a loved one being detained here or abroad on your next trip.

The officials in the airports across the country who have refused to abide by the illegal ban are heroes. The protestors are heroes. The lawyers at the ACLU are heroes.  The judge who has the guts to tell Trump “no” is a hero.  It will take repeated heroics to see justice prevail in the end. There is no room to relax.  He must be called out each and every time for as long as it takes.

The media must use the word “lies”, like The New York Times is bold enough to do; WSJ and NPR haven’t been as bold, and as such, enables the dictator. Call it like it is: lies.

The spineless politicians in his cabinet, the ones too weak to stand against him must be pushed by public outrage. Their political number is up anyway at the next mid-term election, they should at least do the right thing now, they could save some face.

That is wishful thinking, though. And so it is up to us, the people.

It is up to us, the writers, and the poets to bring a voice to this sickening cancer spreading through the country. When I asked the question the other day, “What is our purpose?”  This is our purpose.

To sit in silence, to not speak up in whatever way you can (be it in writing, in conversation with friends, by donating, or protesting, etc.), is to accept things as they are. For Republicans who voted for Trump to not reject what he is doing now, makes them as good as accomplices and complicit in the crimes of hate we are seeing, literally….from the crimes on the street to the crimes in the White House.

This is unacceptable. There is no excuse supporters of this hate can come up with that I couldn’t shoot down in a hailstorm of truths. And on that note, I am seriously considering returning to Law school to use my degree, and my passion for human rights. If anyone has $100K they aren’t using, let me know.

Please consider donating to the ACLU. They will be the ones to save the country, and quite likely the world.  Today, we saw our TRUE America ratchet up its gears, putting the court system to work to protect justice and rights and our country as we used to know it. It’s still there.

Thank you to those lawyers working pro bono for the detainees, for the ones filing lawsuits in court, tirelessly striving to stand up for OUR liberty, because if one person is held unlawfully, we should consider that ALL of us are losing our rights, too.


There lived a girl in a tower,
golden locks braided, dropped.
Awaiting rescue from a prince,
she spent her days locked up.

Hours of daylight passed,
staring wistful far and wide
into distances window-framed;
birds flit by on freedom’s wings.

Nights came with silence black,
her heart beat but doubted life.
Time cheated her of longed love,
but not for long, she fought back.

Cut her hair, changed her clothes,
her strength inside rebelling, glows.
Scaled herself down the cobbled wall,

And so, this fairytale ends,

she, her own hero.

~ EC



I was tagged for the prompt “fairytale” by a friend on Instagram. I decided on a little tweak to a classic. 🙂