You kissed me through the firmament
Although I could not see your face…
I felt your lips, a love transmitted
Through time and space

Our hands traced each other’s
Silky smooth circles, slippery grasp
I felt your heat, fire of a forever flame 
Ignited by a gravity inexplicable in force

Pressed our bodies together
Film separates our carnal desires
But not the pulse, the breath…sustained
A torturous dance incomparably intense

And as my heart found yours,
We beat in unified cosmic signals
A message sure to echo across
Planets in vast distant galaxies

O, to slice through this barrier
To release my love full force
For the almost having…
An unbearably cruel farce

~ EC



17 thoughts on “Firmament

    1. Thank you, Ken. It’s a picture in the public domain of an engraving titled “La Flammarion” 1888. I don’t know too much about it but it’s a favorite of mine…I have a leather cover for my Kindle with this embossed in it. 😊

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