“It ’twas…”

…the Joker!!

I didn’t really make my guess, but I was thinking Ace of ♠️ anyway.

Joker is much better, and quite fitting. I snickered audibly. Although…the funny thing was that somebody beat me to it! It was flipped when I got there.

Also quite fitting.

And one more funny thing…this Joker was riding a bicycle. Perfect for this triathlete and trainer, and for the location by a path where many people cycle every day.

Go Universe.

*See my prior posts if you have no clue what I’m talking about.


12 thoughts on ““It ’twas…”

    1. Haha. I’m fine with that. Depends on what power it is we’re talking about. 😊 But, that person didn’t predict the card in the water. It didn’t mean anything to them. Joker, indeed!

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