Layers upon layers

Outside and in

Surface does not

Show what’s within

Deeper you go

More you will know

Heart tells more

Than eyes can show

Just when you think

You know what you know

You find a hidden staircase

Leading further below

~ Em

*Yeah…another 20F morning. I never wear my hair down but have recently realized how much it helps to stay warm…that, and some alpaca knitting. ☺️


41 thoughts on “Layers

    1. Aw! Didn’t NY just get some snow? But not you guys, huh? Portland OR got dumped on yesterday. We don’t have snow at the moment but we’ve had a couple doses so far. Thanks! I like being bundled! I just need my chai β˜•οΈ

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      1. True! I finally got myself a black pea coat. I’ve been wanting one forever. Seems like it should be standard wear in this seaport town. Especially, if you’re a writer. Ha! ☺️

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