Fluffy Rodent

Claws dig in, give me a fright

Quick on the draw, 

soon as car door slammed tight

The little fluffy rodent 

Climbs his way high

Hoping for a something

To tide his winter tummy by

~ Em 

*Scared the shit out of me. Damn thing got a piece of banana from me. I blame the eyes. It’s always the eyes. 😍

I’m a softy, anyway. We’re all just trying to make it in this brutal world, right?

13 thoughts on “Fluffy Rodent

    1. These are city squirrels, they climb into garbage cans by the park, they climb up people and into their bags, and yes assholes like me succumb and give them a piece of banana. 😬 Pretty sure they’d have no fear either way, though. City squirrels are a different breed.

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