You stand there on your pulpit a puppet
toyed with at the whim of politicians
from far away lands yanking your strings
dance to their tune, make promises ring

You stand there a man but not really a man
some kind of shell, an inhuman being
with unconscionable crimes of rhetoric
your thinking a dangerous game of chicken

You stand there mocking all that is not you
all that is not white male privilege
no one is safe from your putrid hate
not even your own followers can escape

You stand there as if you won fair and square
you bolster yourself within your liarโ€™s lair
you made them chant your vindictive lies, too
if only they really knew just what you were up to

You stand there waving your finger
snarling your lips that spout snide quips
your lack of eloquence, your incomprehensibleness
your own party scrambles to make any sense of this

You stand there while the world calls you out
fact-checking news will take you to count
you cannot resist reaction on your bluebird account
because to be a big human would be to own up

You stand there backed in your corner
too proud to admit you are completely full of shit
your fragile ego fluffs and preens itself
a narcissistic psychopath escaping detection till now

You stand there buying people out or firing them
the only reason you climbed is shady money
but you are not wealthy at all, butย completely lacking
in all the matters of heart, of courage, of honesty

You just stand there.
You watch as the world curdles.
Watch as it revolts. Watch as it does its own work.
Watch as we start healing ourselves.
Then the world.

Watch as we thrive not because of you, but in spite of.


~ EC



20 thoughts on “Stand

      1. The President is more powerful than the Senate alone, but the House and Senate together have more power than the President. This will test our system of checks and balances.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Meg! Appreciate that. And yes, I’m vaguely aware they are playing, but I’m trying to destress still soooo, I’ll just hear the score later. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜‚ People are all out in their gear today.

      Liked by 1 person

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