“Dusted Words”


And my poetry collection from talented WP poets/writers is growing. I received Alisa Hutton’s 1st foray into self-publishing today with her beautiful book Dusted Words based on her writing at her page of the same name.

I’ve already read several since I opened the package. I highly recommend her writing. She has a beautiful way with words and emotions, expressed in vivid visuals. You will love it.

Congrats, Alisa!


10 thoughts on ““Dusted Words”

  1. Funny, I brought a book of poetry from a fellow WPer on vacation and plan on posting about it. I like poetry in tangible book form. I’ll check this one out. 😊

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  2. Emily…I am just seeing this now! I am sorry for my very late response AND thank you! I am super touched by this xo. Really so kind and thoughtful and you made this womans heart all warm and full. Thank you😊

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      1. If we could only tag like on Facebook lol. I came across it quite by accident as well. I am glad I did though! 😊 Thank you xo. I needed a little shot of nice today, so it was kind of perfect timing.

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