Ice Waves

Today it was the sound of ice waves
on the lake, it was the squirrel
feverishly gathering dead leaves
and twigs, skipping branches
to fortify its winter nest

It was the seagull that stole
a duck egg, attempting to crack
it on the iced-over lake again
and again, while the ducks
chirped away watching,
circling a safe distance, disturbed

It was the Great Blue Heron
finally home to fish again,
now that the lid is thawing

It was the woman, a struck
conversation in an otherwise
solitary stroll, about wildlife
and Central Park’s designer
(who also designed this park),

and stories of my childhood
which seems farther away
but just yesterday…I was here
my playground then, now



~ EC


*The audio is a recording I took at the lake this morning of the sound of the waves moving the ice to shore as the lake continues to melt after weeks of being frozen about 3 inches thick.


13 thoughts on “Ice Waves

  1. That’s quite stroll. What a lovely time you must have had. I really enjoyed this. it’s so calm and brimming with hopes. A lovely soft descriptive roll that inspires a little envy that the reader isn’t there.
    The photographs are beautiful, I love the ice!

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  2. This is a really beautiful post and really capture’s the unspoilt beauty of nature so well. Thanks for sharing. I just posted a poem on my poetry blog called “Waves” in case you have time to read it? Have a good day, Sam 🙂


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