mirrors and magic tricks
hide the facts behind hot mics
alternative to the truth is lies
blatant disregard for our lives

total abandonment of humanity
our warming earth in jeopardy
screw the welfare of the tribes
feed fossil fuels more money with pipes

demagogue for a figurehead
gaslighting public with confusion
tell them what they see isn’t
when it is so obviously apparent

silence the press, quiet the feds
threaten them if they don’t pretend
like nothing is happening in your hands
as you crush positive progressiveness

take us back to isolationist days
make women fight again to pray
their bodies aren’t highjacked
by white men in black jackets

a toddler with an overblown ego
underneath, so sensitive to its blow
poor thing can’t handle the truth
so he makes up his own for you

don’t play his game, bite the hook
he’s played his party for ignorant fools
fight back at each and every attack
democracy is at stake, we must
remember that



22 thoughts on “Danger

  1. Yes, atlest some one has seen the light, great poem, really enjoyed reading it, it was sinuous, well constructed and has such a great sound when read. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


      1. Part of the reason I’m so worried is because he’s not a normal person, you know? Politics aside, he himself scares me. He is most definitely a narcissist and probably a psychopath.

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      2. Yes, indeed. Like I said in my other post, that is why this particular Republican should scare democrats, and republicans alike, regardless of party. It’s sad how many people let their pride and misinformation keep them from admitting what we can all see with our eyes.

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      3. Fingers crossed it takes a very long time to get any kind of approval, and maybe by the next mid-term elections in 2018, we can swap the congressional balance back to Democrats. I don’t know how he can just sit there signing executive orders and get away with all this…

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      4. I don’t get it either. People say this is the kinda thing it takes for a major shift in things but I hope it doesn’t get too scary before it gets good.

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      1. Democrats will filibuster as long as they can on whatever nominee he puts forth, which is one step more constitutional than the Republicans refusing to even have a hearing for Obama’s pick. I hope they are properly caffeinated. I don’t envy their jobs! And I’m a political science major!


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