turn off the feed
won’t watch the show
you can’t reach me
I’m my own, you know

unimpressed with your circus
of choreographed displays
of fascist tendencies
reverting to dark age days

a performer without an audience
is nothing but a sham
spewing hate and ignorance
I’ll not drink your Koolaid, man

can’t manipulate what isn’t there
propaganda, lies and denial galore
my facts will come straight
from the press going rogue

~ EC




16 thoughts on “Circus

    1. Thank you, Cameron. This country is pissed. While I won’t devote my entire blog to this, I do feel it’s important to speak up. I’m not going to sit around twiddling my thumbs while this “man” destroys America and the world. 3 million more people voted for Hilary. He has absolutely zero mandate from the people.

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      1. Oh you don’t need to worry about speaking up. Whatever you choose to fill your blog with we’re all committed .

        I found it hilarious that he came out and said there was no voter fraud and that the issue was closed without providing evidence

        You keep speaking and astounding!!

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