Seattle Fights ~ II

Not only did my state become the first to sue Trump and DHS for the unconstitutional immigrant ban on Muslims, but today, my city of Seattle council just voted to divest $3 billion and cut all ties with Wells Fargo over their position as lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The vote was 8-0.

Proud of my community’s stance on and resistance to what appears to be a fascist coup in progress.

I have to say, the propositions to withdraw WA, OR and CA from the union and form a separate country called Cascadia, or join Canada, have never looked more tempting…and this is coming from a patriot who believes in defending the Union. But, of course, reality would make that hard.

Fighting as fast and hard as we can. Each hour matters as we can see from the barrage of damaging news coming from the capitol.



7 thoughts on “Seattle Fights ~ II

    1. Thanks, Simon. I was just wondering how you were. 🙂 And yes, passionate, but there is zero room for complacency now. It is up to the people to fight back and remove this dictator since his flying monkeys seem perfectly okay with the destruction of the Constitutional law.

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  1. Although I understand the feelings of wanting to separate from the Union, I am not sure it is a wise idea…Isn’t it that the root-cause of all, that people won’t accept each others difference and still let each other be and live together…
    I don’t have the answers to what is best, but somehow I feel it is important to stick together, not to divide.

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