Shadow Doll


When the light breaks to play
casting shadows it does portray
lines and curves and profiles
of a doll against her wall

what does she do but dance
a little, strike a post in time
capture her youth before
it dies its death of her

so still
becomes the breath
so naked
becomes the flesh
portfolio blushes in shades
of gray on a sunny Seattle day

~ Em C.

Photograph: of me, belongs to me. No filter. May not be used or copied without permission (yes, this has happened to me recently).

I was struck one summer day some years ago when the sun broke through and lit the wall a golden hue. I stripped down to nothing and took a series of shadow poses. I stumbled across this one today and the memory came back.


38 thoughts on “Shadow Doll

  1. Shadow poses sounds like fun, rather whimsically playful. I approve. Ahaha!!

    The poem itself keeps that playful spirit. It has a dream like quality as if the speaker were telling a tale half asleep not sure whether the shadows were of the waking world or part of waking dream.

    Photograph is great, if you have more in the series it could be fun to try and use them as a backdrop for the poetry you post to Instagram. An interesting thought to mull over at least.

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      1. $400K will buy you a fixer-upper in a less than desirable location of the city. Not kidding. It’s Amazon (headquartered here)…and Chinese cash buyers eating up all the real estate.

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      2. That’s even sadder. Not only is the real estate market too hot, but you’re on the opposite coast, which means no fun dog walking or naked yoga watching for me. 😦 I grew up in an Italian enclave in Boston, and the houses were not very nice, nor desirable. A couple of developers came in and converted them to waterfront condo’s for 7 figures. The world has gone mad! lol

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      1. You’re getting a lot this year! We’re supposed to get slammed tomorrow. I have an early flight that I’m hoping doesn’t get cancelled.

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  2. Of course you know I think you are magnificently beautiful! I love the picture and your words flow so brilliantly:

    so still
    becomes the breath
    so naked
    becomes the flesh

    I love those lines together! Amazing!

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      1. I’m going to brunch at my favorite New Orleans restaurant here in Seattle tomorrow with a friend. Amazing food, check out the menu and tell me if it looks “authentic” πŸ™‚

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      2. We couldn’t get in, the wait was 45 minutes, so we hopped next door to their sister restaurant, Peso’s….still amazing. Goodnight, handsome πŸŒ™πŸ’œβœ¨

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