Healing Change

Bring me your community, offer me your hand,
tell me you see my pain, my courage grand.
I’ll tell you I see yours in my reflection pained.

That tear you shed?
I shed.
The heart you share?
I share.
The body you inhabit?
I understand.

Your addictions, your questions, your fears,
dreams, hopes, desires?
In some version, we all share.
Your humanity is no different
than his or hers or mine.

We arrive from other locations, other spaces.
We are learners, students, teachers, lovers –
we meet here, at home…

We grow, becoming ambassadors,
not perfect models of behavior…

but survivors and proof

of yoga’s healing change

~ Em C.



Spent the last couple of days at a Yoga conference taking continuing education credits for my yoga certification. I tailored my selection to my own personal needs as I continue to recover and heal from this year. I ate up the science and data driven topics, I did a lot of physical yoga, I learned about the power of mindfulness to heal and prevent disease, I learned about yoga for recovery and how to release our destructive patterns to find a way out of the depths of unhealthy cycles.

We discussed yoga and how it pertains to politics and the current political climate (a topic dearly passionate to my soul), and cried, laughed, met new friends. It was exactly what I needed at this time of my life. The trick is coming back to “reality” and consciously applying the things I’ve learned in an environment where the triggers and roadblocks still exist. One breath at a time, my mantra.

My choices were:

Creating a Vital and Harmonious Life through Yoga, Mindfulness, and Neuroscience

Going to the Source: How Modern Day Asana Evolved From Ancient Sanskrit Texts

Hope and Healing: Yoga for Recovery Workshop

In Search of Equanimity: Panel Discussion on Yoga for Challenging Times


11 thoughts on “Healing Change

    1. I don’t recommend hot yoga to most people. It lengthens ligaments in an environment that most people aren’t used to, and as such puts them in danger of injury. And the heat can raise blood pressure, and cause issues for those with risk factors. Best suited for room temperature, especially beginners. 🙂

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