The sun is her lover

He comes for the dark

She beckons with red

She reckons she’s dead

He tells her in wavelengths

Her life is worth diamonds

He tells her in photons

Her heart is a fierce lion

~ Em C.



Here’s my vulnerability: I rarely wear my hair down. And I rarely wear red lipstick. In part because my lips are so big (yes, they are all natural), that it’s all people see when I do wear it. So, I have to plan accordingly, wisely, save it for times I don’t mind being seen. A lot of times, I don’t want to be seen. So I guess, here I am opening up to you and my quirks.

And the sun, the glorious sun is shining. I have to strengthen my smile muscles after a year of shit.


62 thoughts on “Red

      1. My pleasure! Been singing lately? I am involved in rehearsels for a Dutch St John Passion, to be performed three times in local churches during Holy Week. I’m in the choir but I’ll also get some solos.

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  1. Wow, Em! I think that red works well with you. And the hair? My fave is the first one. Some seems rather intimate about it. πŸ™‚ I’ll have re-read a post I had discovered of yours this weekend and let my mind wander a bit…

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  2. Beautiful poem and photos. I’m the same way in that most of the time I don’t want to be noticed. But damn, who wouldn’t notice you even without the lipstick!

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  3. Absolutely a creation meant to be adored by us and worshiped by the Sun herself. Never, ever do I want to think of you as uncomfortable being seen.

    You were designed to be seen, heard and adored. I love you too, lil sister ❀

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      1. Check around and you’ll find I’m not necessarily always a kind person, but I am always bluntly truthful. You are a beautiful and talented young woman who should shine!!!!

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      2. I think there’s something to be said for that quality. I could stand to be a bit less kind sometimes. πŸ˜† Doesn’t mean I don’t fight for blunt truth, though! And thank you…my whole life has been about learning to own my gifts.


  4. As a woman of the sun, this made me smile. Yes, the sun can heal ones soul, so I am extra glad the sun did a bit healing for you too. Step by step, day by day and you will find that beautiful strong woman inside of you again, I am confident you will.
    By the way, loved the poem too.

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  5. Such a great post!!! Really loved the personification of the Sun! Wonderfully done! Such a great interplay between the two of you. Elegant and sensual -sweet.
    Loved the lines – “He tells her in wavelengths
    Her life is worth diamonds
    He tells her in photons
    Her heart is a fierce lion

    A fierce heart is a passionate heart? Claws like a cat? Ha! Bravo.

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      1. Thank you so much for following my blog! I am really honored! I’m glad we have met via S Francis. I love his blog too. One of his comments inspired a really great poem, “The Backside Of The Night”. You can check out the credit at the bottom of the post. I really owe him for that. I love the way what we have written can provide a seed of inspiration that takes something you have said in a whole new direction.

        I am following you too! So, now we can stay in touch. Love your default photo!

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      2. Yes, I noticed that. I love the idea of “the backside of night” πŸ™‚ Maybe I should write something on it…hmm. Thanks for the follow and the compliment!

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